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Thank you for your interest in working with master's students in the Faculty of Business and Economics. We encourage our students to gain practical experience during their studies. To this end, master students can include a business project, internship or practical master's thesis in their curriculum. More information regarding these cooperation possibilities can be found in this information brochure.

Course of action:
  1. Fill in all the details in the application form below.
  2. You will be contacted via email whether or not the proposal has been approved (Does the proposal fall within the objectives of a practice-based project? Can it be realized within the indicated time frame? ...).
  3. The proposals are made available to students via the Blackboard electronic learning platform.
  4. Interested students forward their motivation to the internship coordinator. Then he/she receives the details of the contact person within the organization and further coordination can take place to see if a good cooperation can be set up.
  5. Students go looking for suitable projects and internship at different times throughout the academic year. Therefore, you can share interesting project proposals with us at any time. However, our students typically look for a topic in the period September - October (for projects starting in the 1st and/or 2nd semester), February - March (for projects starting in the 2nd semester) and May - June (for projects starting in the summer).
  6. If you are not contacted by one of our students by your specified deadline, we will automatically remove the project from the list.
Questions regarding our way of working or your specific proposal can be directed to


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Faculty of Business and Economics is collecting these personal data for the organisation of business projects and internships. Under no circumstances will your contact details be passed on to third parties. This data will be kept until the expiration of the deadline you specify. If you would like to view, limit, change or remove your personal data, please send an email to More information about our privacy policy: